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 คลับ61  ใกล้เพียง 5 นาที 

สถานีรถไฟฟ้า บีทีเอส เอกมัย ทางออกที่ 1

  ติดต่อสอบถาม    โทร 027140441   0899323866

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61 Male Spa is an unique day spa.It is an exhilarating ,uplifting,and relaxing experience where professional therapist and treatments from our spa products which are cautiously selected and tested highvalue.In the homestyle atmosphere you will feel like you having the superior spa treatments in the comfort of your own home.


      We would like to invite you to try our special services ,we have quite good words of mouth and this could be the reason why our customers keep coming back . Don't imagine how it would be yet if you haven't had experienced it .

          We select high quality product , we use milky oil which represents higher quality the another products in the markets with good sense and easy to clean out with water.

We warm the oil while we are massaging which makes the customers feel more relax when the warm oil touch their skins.

Our massage therapists have high massaging skills, you can inquiry more informations from us or how you like to be services ,so we can provide the particular therapists to serve your needs.

We have five private rooms We have chic five private rooms and one big room for couple massage , every rooms have bathroom inside. , cleanliness is our most concern especially on the sheets , pillow, covers , towels , if you find it unpleasant you can inform your masseur to change it.

We are very please to recieve any feedback from the customers and it would be highly appreciated if you do the questionnaires and send back to us . The questionnaires is attached with the receipt

The questionnaires are not required any customer information but only the feedback which help to improve our services . We had do customer survey since we open this club and almost 90% of customers keep coming back to our club

This is the reason why , once customer visit us they will come back again

Thank you.


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